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Business Local search engine marketing can help supplement your company’s need for generating new business, while driving local clients to your front door or homepage. It is more important than ever for your company to maintain a strong online presence, and there are many ways your company can choose to market itself on the internet and successfully turn browsers into buyers. In conjunction with search engine optimization, pay per click (PPC) can be an effective way to target customers who are looking for the specific goods or services your company provides. Search engine optimization (SEO) makes your company appear at a higher position in unpaid search engine results. But, if you truly want to take your company’s search engine marketing to the next level, it is best to find a complimentary mix between search engine optimization and pay per click marketing. SEO tactics are crucial to building an internet presence, but on the other hand, PPC can provide a guarantee that your content will rise to the top of popular search engine results. One reason that PPC should be a part of your search engine marketing strategy is that the results are fast. You can set up a PPC campaign through Google AdWords or Bing in a few hours or less. Also, if your company’s marketing department decides to change the settings on your PPC campaign, including modifications to the budget, keywords, or other factors, this can be done easily and quickly. With search engine optimization, on the other hand, it takes a longer time to build noticeable results. Also, unlike PPC there is less of a guarantee with organic search engine optimization that your company will be listed among the first in popular search engine results. With PPC, businesses can target internet users who are searching for services or goods specific to your company, using words that you may not normally use on your website. For example, a clothing boutique in your city can build a pay per click campaign around key phrases such as "women’s clothing Dallas" or "fashion boutique Fort Worth". Or, the boutique can capture customers who are looking for related items by incorporating key phrases such as "Dallas gift store" into the PPC campaign. Using the phrase "Dallas gift store" may not be something a clothing boutique would normally do in blog posts or through social media outlets, but using these keywords in a PPC campaign may help to grow the store’s customer base. One reason your company should be careful when developing PPC campaigns is the potential to cannibalize organic search engine marketing results. According to one study, results showed that adding PPC to organic SEO efforts created a decrease in the number of SEO clicks, but a 25 percent increase in the total number of clicks. However, in another study a PPC campaign for brand-specific keywords was shut off, leaving only organic search engine ranking results. The outcome was that total website visits decreased by 10 percent and 4,000 average pageviews per day were lost. Clearly, finding the right balance between search engine optimization and pay per click is almost an art form, and finding the correct marketing mix for your company is crucial to your overall search engine marketing success. However, if PPC is not part of your search engine marketing strategy, you could be missing out on an opportunity to grow your brand and widen your reach. If you find this task to be too time-consuming or overwhelming, perhaps this is where the services of a professional search engine marketing company can benefit you. An expert can help you hone in on keywords and key phrases that will build your search engine marketing strategy instead of destroy it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: