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Business It is observed before applying for the Federal Skilled Worker Permanent Residence Program to Canada; the aspirants definitely have to do a detailed research work. To avoid any disappointment to the candidates its worthwhile. The eligibility criterion for the Federal Skilled Worker Permanent Program is briefed below: 1) Most importantly the candidate must have an arranged job in the country. 2) The applicants profession must find a place amongst the occupation listed for the Permanent Resident Program. 3) The candidate must have lawfully lived in the country for not less than one year as a temporary overseas worker and 4) The aspirant must be residing as a global student. Despite the above mentioned rules the candidate must qualify the minimum score the pre requisites are 67 points for the class of Skilled Workers, nonetheless if more points are garnered its going to flaunt the kitty. Not less than one year work experience is the vital requirement for the candidates. The employment experience must be either permanent or a corresponding uninterrupted part time employment. National Occupation Classification List must have candidates job which is pursued. Aspirants must possess adequate settlement funds to sustain himself/herself apart from those who could be dependent of the candidate in case appropriate. Canada is one of the immigration destinations which frankly do not need much of an introduction. Unending and long serpentine lines before the embassies, mushrooming of the immigration and visas consultancies covering Canada Immigration elucidates the popularity among the people all round the globe. Key Characteristics to Remember: 1) Post three years of domicile across the nation, the candidate may duly apply for the much-prized citizenship of the country. 2) This visa enables visa holder to work in the country without any requirement to be duly sponsored by an employer, a Canadian work permit or a job offer. 3) Dissimilar to work visa, the successful aspirants are 100% free to work, minus any constraints/restrictions 4) One may also extend sponsorship to his immediate family & relatives to join him in the country. 5) Those who receive the Passport & Citizenship of the country may easily visit several countries of the world, minus a visa. 6) The Permanent residency status of the country gives the candidates free access to heavily government funded healthcare and education 7) Free access to the labor market of the nation and related pension and insurance settlements 8) Presently the Permanent Resident visa is granted in only 6-12 months Apart from all this, it is expected of the aspirants to abide by the points based evaluation. Under the said selection system a minimum pass mark of 67 out of 100 points is needed. Six key factors such as language skills, work experience, age, education and adaptability are looked into and duly assessed for the purpose of granting the visa. Those who positively fulfill all the requirements receive a Permanent Residence Visa of the country and they are permitted to stay and work in the country. For more information and assistance, you may consult a Canadian immigration consultant. About the Author: By: businesssolution93 – We provide Accounting assignment help and Accounting homework help services to the students by the best online Accounting experts. Assignment help is a kind of service where we provide students with the assignment solution in the best … By: Peggy Hutchison – A locksmith is a professional who quickly becomes indispensable. For example, if you find your keys are locked in your house, suddenly a locksmith will become your most needed ally. 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