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A 600 acre forest preserve abuts the homes on our street. At the beginning of the summer the entry paths were blocked with two saw horses, a chain draped between the trail markers and a sign: CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION That was weeks ago. Since the sign went up I’ve been curious about what was going on back there but never ventured back to see. Last Sunday, feeling stressed, I had this overwhelming urge to connect with nature. I decided to go into the preserve. Since it was Sunday, I figured there’d be no workers and if I encountered a construction area that looked dangerous I’d either navigate around it or turn back. I walked the trail for 15 minutes and thought, "Hmm. No construction so far." Another fifteen minutes later I was walking around the rather large pond and there was still no sign of construction. Half-way round the 5 miles of trails I notice some construction equipment in the parking lot to the far southeast end of the preserve. I came upon a sign that said: "Parking lot expansion and bird-watching area in progress." I continued my way along the path that encircled this natural treasure. I crossed the bridges over the ponds and paused to observe the wildlife. As I continued my trek back to the place where I’d started, I was reminded of the sign at the entrance to the trail. CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION! I wondered aloud: How often do I do that? Close myself off because just one part of me is in need of rebuilding? Why is it that, when MY southeast corner is being expanded or repaired, I act as if every part of my life is off limits? Isn’t it funny how easy it is to focus on what needs work and feel as though every other part is inaccessible? Like the forest preserve, it is very seldom that every part of me is under construction. In fact, usually only a small part of me is undergoing remodeling, maintenance or a complete overhaul at any one point in time. And yet, like the preserve, I tend to barricade off the entire area – the whole of me – to relationships, adventure, experiences or pure joy. What if I could confine my barricades to only the small parts where the heavy equipment is in operation and open the rest for easy access to and enjoyment of all MY natural treasures? About the Author: Debbie Battersby, speaker & success coach, has helped thousands of people transform their lives. She’s an elite Master Trainer with world renowned peak performance expert Tony Robbins’ leadership programs. Her unique program, "Using Your 7th Sense" gives you the power to grab more potential and ascend to new heights in your own life. 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