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"3D" beta jiuyinzhenjing September 8th free store send welfare endorsement by the national girl Guan Xiaotong, 2016 3DMMO Mobile Games jiuyinzhenjing 3D "martial arts" will be officially opened on September 8th Android beta, game player in the game without limit can finally experience the most authentic handheld world of martial arts. In addition, the snail official games and App Store – free store is also preparing a series of premium benefits for game player, to participate in the free store in September 4th two the Android game player will receive exclusive free shops, a spree in September 4th, Android test in September 8th 120% recharge will return, help more Knight live rivers and lakes.   download send exclusive scenery Chi in September 8th beta, all in the snail free store to download and share "jiuyinzhenjing 3D" of the game player, will get 100% out of print exclusive scenery Chi – "are warm jade" provide a permanent and effective. Greenery Yingying, not only beautiful, the talisman can help existing Paladin walk more handy.   100% free card welfare bill to send the 6G flow in the "3D" during jiuyinzhenjing 9.8 Android beta, free card game player can also participate in the free store "play the game 100% transcommunation tariff" activities, get the game 1:1 to recharge calls privileges, and monthly recharge 500 in the game can get 500 yuan for the bill also, cash flow, more than 500 yuan monthly return part. Free store exclusive "leveling send traffic activities" will also be synchronized on-line in 9.8: in the "3D" human resource configurations, game level reaches a certain level, the highest receiving a total of more than 6G national traffic flow, let you easily get rid of shackles.   appointment ceremony to participate in two to send exclusive martial reservation free shops at APP in September 8th during the Android open game player, in the 100% test will get a first Android exclusive package, in the free store home page specified advertising sign, but also an additional appointment in a package. In September 4th "3D" Android jiuyinzhenjing two free shop game player, get exclusive martial arts in September 8th, recharge any amount of game player, in addition to the exclusive luxury package, will also receive 120% recharge rebate.   Guan Xiaotong’s ingenuity to create the classic martial arts "3D" by "jiuyinzhenjing jiuyinzhenjing" the end of the tour the original team effort to build the production team through years of martial arts game the dig, has a unique style and sharp insights, to the maximum extent possible to restore the classic content to the end of the tour. At the same time, the 95 "national girl" Guan Xiaotong has now officially become "jiuyinzhenjing 3D" game spokesperson, and many game player arena will Tong line.   attention free store official WeChat and official forum, participate in activities to obtain nearly million Jingdong cards, recharge cards and other great benefits, and for the first time that "3D" jiuyinzhenjing latest information, please pay attention.相关的主题文章: