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3 "Star Trek" exposure of space battle fleet trailers Breakout – Sohu entertainment "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" was praised "the fascinating story" Spock handheld phase gun ready Sohu entertainment news 2016 the world’s largest production science fiction film "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" in China, only released 6 days, had been get a lot of praise in the major professional movie website and social media. A lot of first contact with the "Star Trek" series of the audience can easily enter the plot, is Madden action scenes and stories to attract a sudden turn for the worse. Today, the film side exposed the "space battle" in the trailers, trailers, hit the enemy ahead by the stampede in, the ship suffered enormous damage, the villain Laoyang said to destroy the world?. Captain Kirk is calm all command team solidarity, finally break through the obstacles, and set sail again. The audience praised the story fascinating space battle triggered at any moment in the latest leaked trailers, the villain? Labor attacks on the enterprise, and boasted to destroy the world completely". The crazy attack’enterprise escape enemy ravaged flying crews facing the challenges of life and death. In under the command of captain Kirk, a mysterious spaceship with a strong popular rock sound offensive to the most ferocious enemy, "burning" the power of collision vividly show in front of the audience, a space war triggered at any moment. As to restart the sequel series, "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" not in the sequel to the stereotype, but to innovation, using a new story set, and introduces a new role, which have not seen before the audience can enjoy the pleasure of the movie. The audience praised the film plot P: "the film looks very smooth, even if not to see more, two is not cannot read, not to say that the most recent effects, worth going to the cinema movies!" "The plot is compact, from the very beginning in the tense atmosphere, very focused!" "The movie scene is shocking, the plot is fascinating, good-looking!" Starfleet unruffled rock save the world was like "play" in addition to visual images of the magnificent, "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" is another highlight of the human fleet. In the latest exposure of the trailers, Captain Kirk said to Spok, "we are a good team," Spok would respond "I think so". This tacit dialogue, not only to show the deep zhanyouqing between them, also from the side reflects the Starfleet team spirit consistent from beginning to end. Whether the new female soldier Jie pull agile Ukraine, or hulah star fleet, the players in the face of the enemy is unruffled, alongside. "Let’s make some noise!" in captain Kirk’s order, passionate rock immediately heard powerful sound waves, repulsed the ship manufacturing. With such an interesting way to fight against the evil forces in the film, there are fans bluntly praised the "Star Trek" 3: beyond the stars really will play a song, "Sabotage" blew the audience, is simply to open all the enemies taunt mode!" "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" by the United States and the United States sky company paramount pictures.相关的主题文章: