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On the same day, 3 new secretary of the provincial Party committee of the people of Shanghai over the past 30 years of work experience – Sohu news on the weekend of the central enlarge the three provinces (autonomous regions) Party committee leaders on the same day to adjust. Du Jia served as secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee; Xu Shousheng no longer served as secretary of Hunan Provincial Committee, member of the standing committee. Moses Chan served as secretary of the Yunnan provincial Party committee; Li Jiheng no longer served as secretary of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, standing committee, committee member, and another appointment. Wu Yingjie served as party secretary of Tibet autonomous region; Chen Quanguo no longer served as secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region Party committee, member of the Standing Committee, and another appointment. "Politics" noted that the three Secretary of the former, born in January 1957, Li Jiheng was born in November 1955 and have another appointment Chen Quanguo, and Xu Shousheng just retired. Xu Shousheng was born in January 1953, 63 years old this year. Reviews personnel adjustment of Shanxi provincial Party committee secretary of the end of June, xinhuanet.com said in a press release: "it is reported that Comrade Wang Rulin because of their age is no longer served as provincial Party Secretary duties." Wang Rulin, like Xu Shousheng, was born in 1953, and is still three months younger than Mr Xu Shousheng. The three former Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the three are "after the 50". Moses Chan, Du Hao and Wu Yingjie were born in 1954, in 1955, in 1956. Moses Chan had 31 years of political experience in Shanghai, from 1997 to 2003, served as Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai municipal. After eighteen, many changes occurred, Moses Chan’s position in February 2013, the ACFTU vice-chairman, secretary, deputy secretary of the party first Secretary of the adjustment of the National Union party secretary, vice chairman, secretary, October 2014 airborne Yunnan, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor, January 2015 positive, Ren Yunnan governor. Moses Chan and Moses Chan, Du also has a long-term work experience in Shanghai. In May 8th, the Hunan provincial Party committee held a working meeting, Du Jiahao said, I grew up in Shanghai, my father is a farmer. Migrant workers came to the city at that time, and now I have become the city people, he also became a worker. They (the older generation) was then integrated into the town, and now it is difficult to integrate, which shows that we have a system mechanism." Born in Shanghai, Moses Chan has more than Shanghai’s political experience. From 1973 to 2007, from the workers to the Shanghai Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of Pudong New Area, Du cents has 34 years of experience in Shanghai. And like Moses Chan, in Shanghai, also has a deputy secretary general of the Shanghai municipal work experience. In 2007, Du cents was transferred to Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, deputy governor, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee in 2011, 2012 and served as provincial Secretary of politics and Law Committee, eighteen local leaders after the adjustment, Ren Hunan governor Du cents. Wu Yingjie is a Tibet native cadres, from 1974 in the Linzhi county when the youth began, all the work experience in Tibet a. He had worked in the education system for a long time, and began to be the director of the Education Department of Tibet in 2000, 2相关的主题文章: