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3 dunk king +5 Hot pot exhibition this is the title of Xinjiang domineering puzzle CBA Collection – Adams 41 points and 9 assists. 6 double Xinjiang Xinjiang Guangsha 113-118 by 5 points away win Guangsha, made this crucial battle victory, still maintained a good momentum of development of the. This game, Zhou Qi played 37.2 minutes of the game, 10 to 6, 3 free throws in 3, scored 15 points, 10 rebounds and 6 steals and 5 blocks, performance is very good, it also fully reflects his domineering and comprehensive. Offensive and defensive Zhou Qi, but also played the season so far the best performance. Zhou Qi played so well, also is a strong guarantee to help the team title. Before the 2 round of the CBA League, Zhou Qi fell into the "shoes", which also led to his playing time decreased, performance also nanjinrenyi. Especially in the last round of Xinjiang home court with Beikong contest, week Qi have become the trend of the blue collar player, the game only won 5 shots, scoring 9 points and 12 rebounds. In contrast, the Xinjiang Guangsha road with the focus of the war, Zhou Qi won more of a mobile phone, as a more aggressive. Before the 2 round, Xinjiang Guangsha and all achieved a victory, and in the top two position, with good strength, the best Guangsha, Zhou Qi can have a rather good play, this to his self-confidence, will also be a great improvement. Although Zhou Qi did not debut, but after he played, he played aggressive, which gives a sense of. The first week hit the basket by Qi, Wang Zheng’s foul, and the penalty points, which also opened a good start for him. Dare Ganpin, without fear of confrontation, we saw today more confident offensive play more bold Zhou Qi. The second section of the game, when bratzel attracted to the defensive players attention, decisively delivered to the Zhou Qi ball fast. Then Zhou Qi hands dunk, at the moment of his poor foul is meaningless, but add a penalty data for him. Then when the break opportunity Xinjiang team on the field, xirelijiang off the ball, and quickly kill Ben Zhou Qi basket, received a pass again after completion of dunks! Throughout the game, a total of 3 times a week at dunks, which also makes Zhou Qi completely hit high! But Zhou Qi won 12 shots, this is also the same Beikong battle more than doubled! Zhou Qi will get more out of mobile phone on the offensive end, and achieved good results, this is the most let a person feel valuable. Such a color Zhou Qi, no doubt is what people need. Zhou Qi’s contribution in the field is not just offensive side, he also played a prominent role in the defensive side. The whole game, Zhou Qi with 6 steals and 5 blocks of data, it is enough to reflect his positive. It can even be said that Zhou Qi has brought greater pressure on the defensive end, also let Guangsha team offensive players deeply headache. Such a color but confident Zhou Qi is undoubtedly desirable! Zhou Qi’s excellent condition, but also will add favorable weights to the Xinjiang team title. (Dong Dong)相关的主题文章: