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29 provinces to amend the family planning ordinance, the focus of social compensation fees how to change – Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September (Xinhua) – 26: the 29 provinces to amend the family planning regulations, the focus of social maintenance fees, how to change the focus of the four? Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter Zhou Ke, Chen Shangying, recently, Beijing, social maintenance fee collection management approach to the community for comments. Up to now, the country has 29 provinces to amend the family planning ordinance. Among them, Guangdong, Anhui, Shandong and other 22 provinces in the new revised family planning regulations clearly defined the standard of social maintenance fees. How to collect social maintenance fees? Where is the money? Whether on the hook? Xinhua viewpoint reporter on several issues of concern to the public tracking. The focus of a: around the maintenance fee in accordance with what standards? The reporter found out, the revised 29 provinces planning regulations basically advocate a pair of husband and wife have two children, do not conform to the laws and regulations of many children, are able to bounce back. For the "kids" citizens, all require the collection of social maintenance fees, but different standards. – according to the local per capita income base collection, some give elastic range. In violation of regulations more than 1 child, Henan, Shandong and other places by 3 times on levy base; Jiangsu 4 times according to the collection on standard; Shaanxi, Fujian and other places have been assessed by the base charge 2 times to 3 times the social compensation fee; Liaoning is under 5 to 10 times on the base of levy. In the year of the family income as the base on some monthly state. Shanxi clear social compensation fee collection standards and income in accordance with the crowd bounce, the couple last year 20% of total revenue, total social compensation fee levied for 7 years; Hunan in accordance with the requirements of 2 to 6 times the total annual revenue collection. Guizhou is also a monthly wage of each state couples social compensation fee of 30%. According to professional standards for the development of punishment, the state staff also subject to administrative sanctions. Hebei stipulates that the national staff, employees of the company on the basis of the total amount of wages of 2.5 times last year, the amount of private enterprises and self-employed workers in accordance with my annual net income of 2.5 times the amount of levy. In Liaoning, the national staff ", according to the seriousness of the illegal, according to the personnel management authority were given a warning, demerit, demotion, dismissal, dismissal, demerits of the administrative punishment. – more and more punishment, aggravate the punishment of 2 or more children or having some progressive accumulation of bigamy. Jilin regulations, bounce back more than 2 children, 1 children should bounce back to impose social compensation fee for the base, the collection of social maintenance fees in accordance with the number of children for multiple bounce; Hebei to levy a third child with the one hundred percent levy, birth to fifth more children, thus accumulating amount of levy. – focus two: the imposition of standards are too high? After the announcement of the newly revised regulations on family planning, some Internet users suggested that the social upbringing fee is too high, and the standard difference. Daily economic news reporter noted that, at present, the new amendments to the family planning ordinance clearly set the standard of the 22 provinces, many places have changed the original collection standard multiples. Such as Shandong province in January this year.相关的主题文章: