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"I love you" sweet 234 hit four aspect to grab the prophet entertainment Tencent produced by Taiwan enterprises KBrO cineFinance Limited by Share Ltd, Film Group Corp Chinese import, Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd issued the "234 career love movie I love you on September 23rd national release". The drama queen Ariel Lin and the man of God film starring Qin Hao, Jian Honglin, Cai Shuzhen, Zhou Hengyin portrait of joining. This was the first time to visit the mainland movie fans already mood.according, released soon, the four aspect secret movie highlights. Qin Hao Ariel Lin group CP winner regarded each other after a strong whirlwind acting "234 film" love you is the first partner of Ariel Lin and Qin Hao, this jointly composed of CP, the outside world is very optimistic about. Actor Qin Hao has repeatedly nominated for the golden horse, Cannes and other well-known film festival, known as the "literary film men of God, the heroine Ariel Lin is the first person in the history of drama as the film won the golden bell, very reliable quality assurance. The winner and after have been going through the play, people hooked. Ariel Lin in the film a person decorated triangle, the subtle state between the characters, in the interpretation of Ariel Lin is in place. Qin Hao was the first Star Diamond lover, evil charm, it is difficult to resist. Two people full of scenes in the play are sparks, behavior not clear affection for each other, the heart, but was hampered by identity. Large scale Ariel Lin blush passion play in Ariel Lin’s breakthrough in large scale in the past, breakthrough Linjiaxiaomei image in the drama topless and other passion bed war. The number of Jiaochuan, his tongue, and even men and women under the twisting body show picture xuemaibizhang, many male audience call stand, have a very successful transition. Because the scale is too large, and even take the initiative to invite Ariel Lin filming the day then boyfriend Lin Yuchao to visit. So has the impact of scenes, waiting for the audience into the theater to watch! Lovers in the city feeling really strong with tears bursting point no urine point and nowadays a lot of fuss, compared to trough point numerous film and television works, "I love you" 234 valuable description of the urban women’s mental outlook. Is no longer a prince Cinderella story is not showing fashion bag magazine pages like PPT movies, plays like life, very practical, I believe the audience amiable and easy of approach, the foundation will be very extensive. The film to the audience is not only independent of the behavior, but also more important is a kind of spiritual independence, which is the new era of urban women should have the spirit. A-Lin Xian Ji film for singing "I write a love letter is a singer in the third quarter" and get a higher degree of concern in the mainland singer A-Lin (Ling Huang) for the film "234 love you" DEDECATES perform the theme song "forget the hug". From the very desire to perform A-Lin, once won four Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Female Singer nomination. The beautiful melody and the interpretation of the unique voice of all threads neatly tied up, with provocative lyrics, full appeal. Agui A-Lin love song has a wonderful power of comfort, embrace, and film temperament is very suitable. September 23rd, bring your beloved Ta, sweet sharing into the cinema!相关的主题文章: