23 year old Zheng Xiujing honor hidden behind what secret diying

23 year old Zheng Xiujing honor hidden behind what secret? Really, as long as it is a little bit of concern for the Korean entertainment people should have heard the name of Zheng Xiujing, may not recognize her face so clear, but must be aware of her presence. It is such a good girl, who has gained a lot of honors and achievements, just turned 23 years old. Zheng Xiujing was born in San Francisco in October 24, 1994, at the age of 6 with his family back to Korea tourism, then with the elder sister Jung Soo Yeon was scouted. Indeed, when Zheng Xiujing looks very beautiful, big eyes and sharp chin, shining love down while still very young, but her face had unyielding stubbornness and arrogance: so at the age of 6, she went to starred in the popular combination the myth of the "Wedding March" (MV, forgive I am cutting slag quality, which are more than a dozen years ago things!) Although in the MV and shot some illustrated, but the 6 year old age is too small, so at the age of 12, Zheng Xiu Jingjing before formally entering the SM company to become its practice. Grow up a bit more clever than when the crystal, to feel down from the United States launched plans to experience what is? Maybe it’s Zheng Xiujing! Yes, Zheng Xiujing is the kind of small to large from a beauty richly endowed by nature, sometimes you have to take down this stuff gene after three years of studying acting, Zheng Xiujing in 2009 to f (x) combination as a member of the official debut album each down after the show, Zheng Jingdu brought us different look, but no matter how SM baked sweet potato toss her style, she is on the stage of the same bright. As in busy, Zheng Xiujing is definitely not supposed that cute girl, but often is a face of cold, is taking the high cold line here standing on the stage, the whole people around as if there is a powerful aura. Although most of the time really expressionless, but when she smiles can instantly put people up to down all the time, her indifference [face] are not understood, many people feel that she is always losing his temper and even rude to face rejection. But people who know her know that she is actually a hot cold person, still a little shy, not love his own happiness table in front of the public. She said: "people don’t like me, they like the innocent girl. I tried to change, but I don’t want to. Because it’s not what I want. Yeah, everybody likes the real Zheng Xiujing, not the one who tries to cater to the public. Zheng Xiujing’s cold, but in front of the closest people will show their softer side, and Jung Soo Yeon together are very happy smile: although she on the stage don’t love to laugh, but also will be shot to seize a small lovely expression down she will at the time of filming the number of fans and ask them to drink count coffee: Zheng Xiujing is actually a very not good at expression, she is more gorgeous than the language of love)相关的主题文章: