2016 Hunan education survey public welfare line into Loudi blue sky housekeeping-plants war

2016 Hunan education survey public line into the Loudi Lantian domestic original title: 2016 Hunan education survey of public – into the Loudi blue home (Figure) Loudi new network recently, a large institution by the Tencent Hunan network joint Loudi adolescent health personality research institute and other research achievements of educational scientific research — "survey, 2016 of Hunan education the questionnaire, Loudi attracted many parents attention. In November 13th, 2016 "survey, Hunan education Loudi 1000 million people shop public action held a lecture on family education in the blue sky housekeeping service company, invited the expert of healthy personality of the national youth project, national two counselors blue wax spring made a wonderful lecture, attracted nearly 100 parents in. Pictured lecture scene. For parents’ involvement in on-site fill the educational status of the children activity questionnaire aims to help parents understand their children’s physical and mental condition, enhance the level of education, education idea. On the day of the lecture, "how to cultivate the blue wax spring" good child "," outstanding children around "standard, how to cultivate the children and parents concerned about the issue, were explained in simple terms, and interact with the parent site, answer to" how to do "puppy love", 3 – 7 years old how the child education and parents on-site questions, make scientific guidance for parents of children education and training, active atmosphere. Pictured lecture scene interaction. For parents and experts to communicate after class. It is understood that this event is sponsored by the Tencent · Hunan large network, provide technical support for the Loudi adolescent health Personality Research Institute, Loudi Lantian housekeeping service company and Louxing District Changqing Street Office of women’s Federation Co. Loudi Lantian housekeeping service company is a large-scale domestic service company approved by the Loudi municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau, labor bureau and relevant departments to set up the predecessor was founded in 2013 in Loudi happy home economics, after the update is committed to transformation by the intermediary business transformation to employees, to create "Internet plus homemaking" mode, currently has nearly 1000 a stable domestic customer demand, customer needs nearly 1500 clean. The business includes senior nanny, Yuesao, parenting daughter, nursing, cleaning, cleaning services, business information consultation etc.. This year the company added a new psychological consulting project, hiring professional counselors to provide psychological counseling and psychological comfort for the elderly to work. In recent years, youth education issues become more prominent, the company actively join the youth education charity activities, provide free lectures of this special education for parents. (Loudi: new network reporter Zou Wuxiong correspondent: fan Meihong holen Deng Yan Zi Ming) Click to enter the 2016 Hunan education survey questionnaire, fill in the sweep as well as Iphone7, apple-watch and QQ doll, custom U disk and other hundreds of trench ceremony waiting for you! Don’t take them home? For him ~ ~ (big Xiangjun secretly tell you, the probability of winning the super high!)

2016湖南教育状况调查公益行 走进娄底蓝天家政原标题:2016湖南教育状况调查公益行——走进娄底蓝天家政(图)娄底新新网讯 近日,一份由腾讯大湘网联合娄底青少年健康人格研究院等机构研发的教育科研成果——《2016湖南教育状况调查》问卷,吸引了娄底许多家长的注意。11月13日,《2016湖南教育状况调查》娄底千店万人公益行动在蓝天家政服务公司举行亲子教育专题讲座,特邀了全国青少年健康人格工程特聘专家,国家二级心理咨询师蓝腊春作了精彩的讲座,吸引了近100名家长参加。图为讲座现场。图为参与家长现场填写子女教育状况调查表活动旨在帮助家长了解孩子的身心状况,提升教育水平,普及教育理念。在当天的讲座上,蓝腊春以“怎样培养优秀的孩子”为题,围绕“优秀孩子”的标准,怎样培养孩子等家长关心的问题,进行了深入浅出的讲解,并与家长现场进行互动,解答了“孩子早恋怎么办”、“3—7岁的小孩该怎么教育”等家长现场提出的问题,为家长教育和培养孩子进行科学的指导,现场气氛活跃。图为讲座现场互动情况。图为家长们与专家课后进行交流。据了解,本次活动是由腾讯·大湘网主办,娄底青少年健康人格研究院提供技术支持,娄底蓝天家政服务公司和娄星区长青街道办事处妇联协办。娄底蓝天家政服务公司是经娄底市工商局、劳动局及相关部门批准成立的规模化家政服务公司,前身为2013年成立的娄底幸福家政,经过更新转型致力于由中介制向员工制转换,打造“互联网+家政服务”模式,目前,已拥有近1000个稳定的家政需求客户,近1500个清洁需求客户。其经营项目包括高级保姆、月嫂、育儿嫂、护工、保洁、清洗服务、商务信息咨询等。公司今年还新增加了心理咨询项目,聘请专业心理咨询师为老年人提供心理疏导和心理抚慰的工作。近年来,青少年教育的问题愈发凸显,该公司积极投身青少年教育公益行活动,免费为广大家长提供了本次专题教育讲座。(娄底新新网 记者:邹武雄 通讯员:樊美宏 贺伦登 颜自明)点击进入2016湖南教育状况调查问卷,扫一扫填写还有Iphone7、apple-watch及腾讯QQ公仔、定制U盘等几百个壕礼等着你!还不快把它们带回家?求抱走~~(大湘君偷偷告诉你,中奖概率超高!)相关的主题文章: