2016 Hainan international marathon competition rules of Danzhou musiland

2016 Hainan Danzhou international marathon competition rules Hainan Danzhou International Marathon registration start, detailed contest rules as follows: 2016. First, sponsored by     Chinese Athletic Association, Hainan Province Cultural Radio and Television Publishing sports hall, the Danzhou Municipal People’s government, two units of     Danzhou City Cultural Broadcasting Press Sports Bureau, blockbuster interactive sports (Beijing) Co. Ltd., Xiamen Wenguang Sports Co., three, date and place of     December 18, 2016 (Sunday) held in Danzhou city. Departure time: December 18, 2016 8:00 am. Four, competition project (a) of male and female Marathon (42.195 km) (two) male and female Mini Marathon (5 km) five, the race route (a) marathon route in Danzhou Cultural Park (the starting point), turn left, turn right, North Lu Guosheng cultural straight road west, ZTE ZTE Cloud Road (road and Industrial Avenue) at the junction of turning point, Zhongxing Road East straight, sports center, ZTE Road West, turning North Bay Avenue (Yingbin Avenue) north straight, turn to go straight to the South Island, Yingbin Avenue Road straight, turn left cloud road (Industrial Avenue) turn left, turn left, Songtao Road, Fu Bo Lu Taiwan eastward straight Yingbin Avenue South, turn right, ZTE road to the West straight line, turn left, turn left Yang Lan Road Danzhou City Cultural Park (end). (two) the mini marathon route in Danzhou Cultural Park (the starting point), turn left, turn left, North Road Guosheng culture ZTE avenue to the east straight, turn left, turn left Yang Lan Road Danzhou City Cultural Park (end point). Six, competition method (1) in accordance with the latest rules and regulations of the Chinese track and field association and the marathon race. (two) the game check: to the designated area in a specified time in the sign, and invited China Athletic Association athletes must be in 40 minutes before the race in the designated marshalling area separately check, check the results did not participate in the athletes will not serve as the official competition results. In the game after 45 minutes, do not allow players to enter the starting track. (three) the starting order: according to their full marathon athletes, male and female guest marathon athletes, male and female registered China marathon public (according to individual performance zoning stance) Mini marathon runners, mass order delay arrangement. (four): the starting gun starting at the same time starting way. (five) to 1, the game uses timing induction time, induction timing chip participants will be through the line starting point start time, participants should wear disposable timing chip provided by the organizing committee participants can be effective; 2, in the end point, 21.0975 km, reentry points are equipped with timing induction carpet, contestants travel during the process one by one through all the ground induction timing carpet. If the completion of the game in the closing time, but the lack of any point in time, will not rank. (six) closing distance and point相关的主题文章: