2 year old boy all over the body of the blister cause gene mutation system difficult to cure jinshen

2 year old boy all over the body of the blister cause gene mutation system difficult to cure the "mother only one wish:" we do not discriminate against the reported only 2 year old bullous epidermolysis children Maomao story. Due to congenital factors, plush body over the size of the blister, children suffer a lot of pain. The report was published, many enthusiastic readers have called for to give advice and suggestions. What’s the matter with Maomao? Reporters learned that Mao has been tested in Beijing, the cause has been found, but it is difficult to cure effectively. Test results so that the child’s family was hit again see Maomao, is still in the construction of music home. Ms. Xue just finished his work at home, mom saw Maomao happily stretched out his arms. Nearly 4 months and no, Maomao looks so strong, but compared with the previous, the fur was somewhat shy, when some people dodge. Ms. Xue said the last report after the newspapers, enthusiastic people to suggest they go to Beijing to do genetic testing. The test they intended to do so Maomao will grow, but think twice, in June their own expense to participate in the No.1 Hospital of Peking University, bullous epidermolysis gene mutation research project. A few days ago, Ms. Xue received a test results from Beijing sent to check the hair to find the cause of the hair, but this result is very heavy for ms.. Test results show that the hair is not a disease from the parents inherited, but the genetic mutation caused by their own. The risk for the disease and Maomao was identified as epidermolysis bullosa type Dowl-ing-Meara disease, which is a simple epidermolysis bullosa the most serious type of disease. "To tell you the truth, I can’t accept the result. I’d rather his illness was inherited from us. I don’t know why God chose me. It’s not fair to him." Ms. Xue even more difficult to accept is that experts do not recommend doing transplant surgery, after getting the results of Ms. Xue shut himself in the room crying for a long time. "Before the bone marrow transplantation precedent, so I told the children, after he went to Beijing to do so will help transplant, alleviate some pain, but after the test results came out, experts say the child’s condition is not suitable for transplantation. Experts say the risk of a high risk of hair transplant, even if the success can not be cured, which is a great blow to us." "I hope the child can be healthy to integrate into society" for Mao’s disease, Beijing’s experts recommend Ms. Xue still need to start from the care to avoid infection, as far as possible to reduce the pain of mao. "I saw a little girl in Hubei butterfly baby parents group, due to the lack of proper care, not a good place for a small girl, I was very uncomfortable, I do not want to do after maomao." An expert in Zhengzhou is suggested to pay attention to the hair of the body, improve physical fitness, in order to improve the body’s immunity. This is also what Ms. Xue has been doing, in her opinion, the current situation is indeed better than before. From the beginning of children diagnosed, we have been in the dark, hope to improve his health and immunity, try to give him to eat he can digest nutritious things, then give him to eat vitamin, so to see a doctor, experts can’t believe"相关的主题文章: