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12 years ago the police for murder murderer a mystery 6.8 meters long genealogy found Beijing suspects – suspects were detained in the detention center. Family tree diagram. Photo by Ren Guoyong 12 years ago, Nanjing Qixia District Xianlin a woods had found an unknown woman, about 16 years of age, were killed when dress complete necks in socks. Her death was a mystery, Qixia police traveled to Anhui in many areas to clear her identity, but in the end who is the murderer, more than ten years has been plagued by the police. As the criminal investigation technology, Qixia Public Security Bureau DNA room to the past again for each trial pending inspection, access to key data of the case, the murderer origin reduced in Qing Shan Xiang Anhui surrounding Lu’an city township. And relying on the local clan genealogy, re production of 6.8 meters long surnamed Wu genealogy, and one by one check investigation, eventually locked the suspect Wu Changfeng accurately. Yangzi Evening News reporter correspondent Qi Wenxuan Ren Guoyong the end of hills and rivers? In February 25, 2004, young girls being strangled in the woods, found the body of a woman in a district of Qixia Xianlin woods, after scene investigation and autopsy found that the Department of mechanical asphyxia death, identified as homicide. The Council, bureau quickly dispatched elite police task force set up to carry out detection. Forensic identification of the deceased less than 16 years old, well dressed, no abnormalities, no effective information extracted from the suspect, it is difficult to determine the motive of murder. After a series of investigation, the deceased is initially locked in Northern Anhui, greater possibility of wanxi. The ad hoc group of corps division, separately to northern areas of investigation, anhui. Because the communication is not very developed, the police, all the bus station, North West Bus Station posted acceptance notice to the police station, hundreds of requests to assist in the investigation. Over half of Anhui, did not obtain valuable clues. The first half, Anhui Lu’an City, people see the acceptance notice, Lenovo to distant relatives missing a girl, quickly put the acceptance notice told relatives. Relatives saw the announcement found that the information is very similar, and the Nanjing police contact and identify, it is the missing girl Guo Yu. There is no valuable clues to resolve the impasse Guo Yu’s mother recalled her daughter in the factory before playing a few days, the time is not long to go home. One day, she suddenly received a phone call to take her daughter to go out to work, but do not know who it is, like a local accent, I did not expect her daughter to go out and never come back. The ad hoc group of judgment, this murder should be an acquaintance of crime, because the person on the phone. Guo Yu well aware of the information. The ad hoc group has carried out a lot of investigation in Lu’an, in the work place to find colleagues have understanding, the police and the batch for several months to Guo Yu colleagues working in Changshu, Shanghai and other places, has found more than 20 people to understand the situation, but did not obtain valuable clues. Detective work in this impasse. Dense willow trees and bright flowers! The DNA data will be narrowed down to a family man in 2016, the Qixia Public Security Bureau DNA laboratory, under the guidance of the Council’s relevant departments under the evidence of the case by the traces of the scene once again re sort test, with the help of new criminal technology)相关的主题文章: