The classroom is too addictive ice entry strategy

  some people say climbing like suck poison, once infected is hard to stop. the white ice wall, the sound of falling ice, stimulation in the process of climbing the top after the joy of success, all this will make you love the outdoors. is in climbing rock climbing on the new branch of the […]


some people say climbing like suck poison, once infected is hard to stop.

the white ice wall, the sound of falling ice,

stimulation in the process of climbing the top after the joy of success,

all this will make you love the outdoors.

is in climbing rock climbing on the new branch of the exhibition was born, is required to climb the mountain, snow capped mountains, mountain climbing is one of the basic skills in sports. The ice is mainly natural ice, ice and ice hanging is divided into two kinds. In China north, winter comes, many mountains and waterfalls formed a good ice conditions. In the tilt of the ice wearing crampons, hand axes, the dolphin ice fixed on the frozen waterfall, then standing on the fulcrum to climb the cliff. Of course, you may slip down a few meters, but if you think of yourself climbing on a pure natural ice sculpture, becoming a part of the natural landscape, all the difficulties will be insignificant.

in most parts of northern China in the winter, the former fly straight down the waterfall will be solidified into a few tens of meters high ice sculpture murals. On the ice with boots, crampons, wear safety belt buckle, rope, hand axe with safety cap, we went to the ice crystal on the ballet.

required personal equipment

ice climbing is to climb the mountain, one of the skills training must be in the snow. The main technical equipment required:


axes: there are several activities for the replacement of the head, one end of the rope and set on the wrist, to prevent accidentally slipped.

2: climbing mountains for mountaineering. Boots surface has waterproof layer; some are divided into outer boots, boots, boots waterproof wear resistance, inner shoe insulation.


boot crampons: supporting the use of the same. Divided into 8 teeth, 12 teeth, teeth, such as 16. The use is divided into two kinds of binding cassette, cassette, easy to use, especially in the external conditions of mutation or harsh environment, remove the buckle can boot crampons. Binding safe and reliable.

: the ice is made of alloy steel, hollow spiral, fixed on the ice, the ice force rotation depth. To play the role of fixing the main rope on the ice.

other: waterproof main rope, helmet, waterproof clothing, snow cover, waterproof gloves, safety belt, rope, etc..

entry basic skills

grasp: grasp the rock with the hands of the bulge.

pull: hand to scratch the rock edges and corners, cracks and edges.

Journey to Philippines all are met after being apart a long time


Milan white beach

7. Milan (Sumilon) day

the Cebu Island Southeast near Dumaguete Island, when I see the jingle journey to remember. An Island Hotel, so we travel is generally not considered. But for the special love to get out of the ordinary pseudo Wen Qing, this beautiful and famous places, for how I came back with a subtle and understated tone to mention inadvertently: the sea, only Su Milan only ~ ~

think of the effect of this kind of Zhuangbility, I can not help but fell to the Bluewater site, suddenly see promotions! Promotion oh!! (the specific amount of money I forgot last year is ~ ~) I set the room without demur and then print the order, carrying the order, think of themselves do finally spend more money for a return to the five star hotel, had Ligelang happy!

we took a bus from Cebu for more than three hours, and the driver told us to get off the bus! On the face of the blue sea, deep green and blue, happy to the reception of the Soviet Union in Milan. Tell people we set the room called what name, and then people look for a long time, that is not. I was anxious to come up with my orders, people look at, and regret to tell me: Mam~~ I ‘so sorry, you set in mint!

Oh No! Is there any other hotel on your website?

well, we have three BLUEWATER, in three different places..

WHAT? I’m shocked that my mouth is closed..

my companion and wind, two people looked at it, and then happy to go to the beach to take pictures, leaving me alone. Stay here for two days followed me everywhere, I know very confused and confusing, for any emergencies are unmoved either by gain or loss.

I know, they are to stay in space for me to play the ability to beg: I go all the way, from HK over, is like you here ah.. I am a foreigner, how do you know you have three hotels? I thought it was a ah, you have to help me in any case to arrange a ah, the staff dormitory is also OK ah, what? Today, in the mint not to live to collect money? Ah, I can not get through the fly you see I have more sincere, please help me ah ~ ~ ~ ~

Balabalabala… After half an hour of negotiations, they told me that some people can not stay in a room with the same promotional price to me, and then we set in the corresponding help us to extend the mint.

OH YEAH! To a mixed night, on the island!


Travel essential! 2017 outbound travel schedule freshly baked!

Thailand’s tourist season, this time the weather is cool, during the day can enjoy the tropical style of Thailand, there will be no mosquitoes at night or because of hot and difficult to fall asleep. In addition, many South Island will open to tourists during this period, to experience the full range of island style, northern Chiang Mai million Sky Lantern Festival will be held during this period of time.


best travel time: addition to September

in September by burning straw throughout Indonesia, Singapore air quality is very poor, the haze shrouded, low visibility, to tourists need to make preparation for protection.

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best travel time: 11 months – February

in Vietnam during the dry season and cool season, the weather is relatively cool, at the same time, this time is the time in Vietnam holiday gathered, the January Dalat Flower Festival, the Spring Festival of February, visitors can easily feel more pure style of Vietnam in the festival.


best travel time: 11 months to the end of April next year,

from May to November due to wet season rain, the weather changes, relatively speaking, is the off-season tourism in Maldives, especially for photography lovers, that come rain but taboo.


best travel time: 11 months to April

this is the winter of Kampuchea, blowing dry cool northeast monsoon, the average temperature of 25 degrees C ~ 32 c, is the best tourist season.

Sri Lanka

best travel time: 1 months -3 month

hot tourist destinations are more concentrated in the southwest, this time less rainfall, air temperature.

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best travel time: 5 months -7 month

Saipan is suitable for travel throughout the year, but every year 8-10 months is the typhoon season, travel or need to be cautious.

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