The classroom is too addictive ice entry strategy

  some people say climbing like suck poison, once infected is hard to stop. the white ice wall, the sound of falling ice, stimulation in the process of climbing the top after the joy of success, all this will make you love the outdoors. is in climbing rock climbing on the new branch of the […]


some people say climbing like suck poison, once infected is hard to stop.

the white ice wall, the sound of falling ice,

stimulation in the process of climbing the top after the joy of success,

all this will make you love the outdoors.

is in climbing rock climbing on the new branch of the exhibition was born, is required to climb the mountain, snow capped mountains, mountain climbing is one of the basic skills in sports. The ice is mainly natural ice, ice and ice hanging is divided into two kinds. In China north, winter comes, many mountains and waterfalls formed a good ice conditions. In the tilt of the ice wearing crampons, hand axes, the dolphin ice fixed on the frozen waterfall, then standing on the fulcrum to climb the cliff. Of course, you may slip down a few meters, but if you think of yourself climbing on a pure natural ice sculpture, becoming a part of the natural landscape, all the difficulties will be insignificant.

in most parts of northern China in the winter, the former fly straight down the waterfall will be solidified into a few tens of meters high ice sculpture murals. On the ice with boots, crampons, wear safety belt buckle, rope, hand axe with safety cap, we went to the ice crystal on the ballet.

required personal equipment

ice climbing is to climb the mountain, one of the skills training must be in the snow. The main technical equipment required:


axes: there are several activities for the replacement of the head, one end of the rope and set on the wrist, to prevent accidentally slipped.

2: climbing mountains for mountaineering. Boots surface has waterproof layer; some are divided into outer boots, boots, boots waterproof wear resistance, inner shoe insulation.


boot crampons: supporting the use of the same. Divided into 8 teeth, 12 teeth, teeth, such as 16. The use is divided into two kinds of binding cassette, cassette, easy to use, especially in the external conditions of mutation or harsh environment, remove the buckle can boot crampons. Binding safe and reliable.

: the ice is made of alloy steel, hollow spiral, fixed on the ice, the ice force rotation depth. To play the role of fixing the main rope on the ice.

other: waterproof main rope, helmet, waterproof clothing, snow cover, waterproof gloves, safety belt, rope, etc..

entry basic skills

grasp: grasp the rock with the hands of the bulge.

pull: hand to scratch the rock edges and corners, cracks and edges.

Journey to Philippines all are met after being apart a long time


Milan white beach

7. Milan (Sumilon) day

the Cebu Island Southeast near Dumaguete Island, when I see the jingle journey to remember. An Island Hotel, so we travel is generally not considered. But for the special love to get out of the ordinary pseudo Wen Qing, this beautiful and famous places, for how I came back with a subtle and understated tone to mention inadvertently: the sea, only Su Milan only ~ ~

think of the effect of this kind of Zhuangbility, I can not help but fell to the Bluewater site, suddenly see promotions! Promotion oh!! (the specific amount of money I forgot last year is ~ ~) I set the room without demur and then print the order, carrying the order, think of themselves do finally spend more money for a return to the five star hotel, had Ligelang happy!

we took a bus from Cebu for more than three hours, and the driver told us to get off the bus! On the face of the blue sea, deep green and blue, happy to the reception of the Soviet Union in Milan. Tell people we set the room called what name, and then people look for a long time, that is not. I was anxious to come up with my orders, people look at, and regret to tell me: Mam~~ I ‘so sorry, you set in mint!

Oh No! Is there any other hotel on your website?

well, we have three BLUEWATER, in three different places..

WHAT? I’m shocked that my mouth is closed..

my companion and wind, two people looked at it, and then happy to go to the beach to take pictures, leaving me alone. Stay here for two days followed me everywhere, I know very confused and confusing, for any emergencies are unmoved either by gain or loss.

I know, they are to stay in space for me to play the ability to beg: I go all the way, from HK over, is like you here ah.. I am a foreigner, how do you know you have three hotels? I thought it was a ah, you have to help me in any case to arrange a ah, the staff dormitory is also OK ah, what? Today, in the mint not to live to collect money? Ah, I can not get through the fly you see I have more sincere, please help me ah ~ ~ ~ ~

Balabalabala… After half an hour of negotiations, they told me that some people can not stay in a room with the same promotional price to me, and then we set in the corresponding help us to extend the mint.

OH YEAH! To a mixed night, on the island!


Travel essential! 2017 outbound travel schedule freshly baked!

Thailand’s tourist season, this time the weather is cool, during the day can enjoy the tropical style of Thailand, there will be no mosquitoes at night or because of hot and difficult to fall asleep. In addition, many South Island will open to tourists during this period, to experience the full range of island style, northern Chiang Mai million Sky Lantern Festival will be held during this period of time.


best travel time: addition to September

in September by burning straw throughout Indonesia, Singapore air quality is very poor, the haze shrouded, low visibility, to tourists need to make preparation for protection.

from thirteen

mafengwo users crazy


best travel time: 11 months – February

in Vietnam during the dry season and cool season, the weather is relatively cool, at the same time, this time is the time in Vietnam holiday gathered, the January Dalat Flower Festival, the Spring Festival of February, visitors can easily feel more pure style of Vietnam in the festival.


best travel time: 11 months to the end of April next year,

from May to November due to wet season rain, the weather changes, relatively speaking, is the off-season tourism in Maldives, especially for photography lovers, that come rain but taboo.


best travel time: 11 months to April

this is the winter of Kampuchea, blowing dry cool northeast monsoon, the average temperature of 25 degrees C ~ 32 c, is the best tourist season.

Sri Lanka

best travel time: 1 months -3 month

hot tourist destinations are more concentrated in the southwest, this time less rainfall, air temperature.

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best travel time: 5 months -7 month

Saipan is suitable for travel throughout the year, but every year 8-10 months is the typhoon season, travel or need to be cautious.

from Akita mafengwo Jun




Video + Raiders walk in Himalaya – uncover the four Tibet ditch mysterious veil



on the roof of the world in Tibet, stands the magnificent Himalaya, of which five seat 8000 meters above the mountain is located in Tibet Shigatse territory, they are Qomolangma (first), Luo Zifeng (fourth), Makalu (fifth), zhuoaoyou (sixth) and shisha (Fourteenth).

Himalaya snow veins in the territory of Shigatse was cut down four notches, they formed the "four famous Shigatse ditch: Gyironggou, camphor ditch, Gama Valley and Ya Dong valley. The common characteristics of these four channels are: originated in the snow capped mountains, from an altitude of more than 5000 meters down all the way to less than 3000 meters, the river flows to Nepal or India. The unique landscape created unique scenery: snow accompanied by varied scenery, few people tread, like a land of idyllic beauty.

this fall, we are far away from the bustle of the city, the courage, on the back of the pack, his feet, go deep into the hinterland of Himalaya, Tibet on the "four famous ditch", look at the five seat 8000 meters above the mountain (Mount Everest, F Natsu Bangma, Luo Zifeng, Makalu, zhuoaoyou). Foot process is full of hardships, but a beauty it makes us feel very happy, we experience a different life, leave unforgettable memories for myself.

thank God give us good weather, thank and accompanied by teammates, thanks to the help our driver and guide, yaks, we make the long journey to become so smooth and successful.

here to commend in particular the shisha Everest base camp hiking and Mount Everest Dongpo camp on foot, which is currently the best foot line. Unfortunately, along the way encountered mostly foreigners, domestic tourism is less known.

this post is destined to be a long, please wait patiently. We will use the most detailed first-hand information: text, pictures, video, GPS track, Raiders, uncover the four big ditch mysterious veil.

time: September 23rd –

in October 16th

line: Shenzhen – Lhasa – the old Tingri – Gyironggou — Nielamu — shisha trekking Everest base camp — Nielamu — Mount Everest headquarters — — Wu Xiao Qu Xiang when wrong — Zhuo Hunan camp (orchid Valley) – Tang Xiang camp — Russian GA — Mount Everest Dongpo stronghold — Russian GA — learn Renma measures — when Qu Xiang — Dinggye — Gangba — Chings. — Ya Dong — Jiangzi — Lhasa — Shenzhen.

participants: hurry, A Wei, be taken, the homeless and the bridge, a foot, white, fly, tiger breeding, wheat, jade, jade, Xin, recipe, small tile, small.

camera: D700+24 – 70.

cost: 6000 yuan or so;

It is said that this dream Light Festival lit up Sanya

in Sanya Phoenix Airport VIP across the floor, look far looming in front of the colored lights, like a brilliant sky, went to know here is the original recently hidden but beautiful spot, is popular in Sanya and is known as the high streets and back lanes, "Spring Carnival" dream lighting exhibition.

walked from the entrance into the dream lantern show, is along the corridor, a bright and colorful walk among them, like a fairyland, all around the use of colored lights decorate color, forming a beautiful rainbow road.

LED in front of the pink tree is welcome, from the intangible cultural heritage in Sichuan Zigong works, the world-famous Zigong snuff, across the world to Sanya, after the 30 non genetic order lasted 30 days, with the builders of the heart hand crafted time shadow become welcome eight welcoming the brilliant flower.

in Sichuan, Zigong, there is a saying: "the moon light, doubled the shining lights, Tim is very bright. View not its star bridge, can not see the light fire." Appreciation of the traditional Chinese taste of the Lantern Festival activities, the Zigong lantern festival itself is a long history of traditional technology, the Lantern Festival has been similar to the literary and artistic works are spread.

through the dream corridor, walk through the park, greeted a symbol of auspicious year of the Golden Rooster Chicken appeared in the middle of the world, pray for health, colorful light imagination Sanya Jinji Phoenix Town, the first new year’s blessing from here!

stood beside the park is the highest point of the golden rooster, and can have the full of mysterious places, right in front of the windmill European style, white crystal shoes also left the world, come to this beautiful place in Sanya.

left, 20 meters giant Phoenix modeling lanterns, a statue of the God of joy very naive to sit here and meet all wishes, secular, ordinary…, new year is a new beginning, in fact, not the God of wealth, good luck and happy to see this moment. It will be a in accompany with you.

next to a giant "Snow Mountain", from the snow capped mountains on the eagles fly, meaning it is a goofy season.

turn left here, romantic area, giant diamond shape quietly placed in the center, surrounded by blue ribbon, like a charming Avenue, seems to be waiting for the beginning of romance, but also every girl heart dream of growing up.

on the right hand side, six meters in diameter artificial moon, under the moon is;

The most beautiful old city, from the moment the train started

The most beautiful old city in the country, from the moment the train started – Sohu travel

Qingdao train station, is one of the most beautiful train station on the seaside, uniform style, and the old city of Qingdao red trees, blue sky. The moment the train was amazing by the old city of Qingdao.

along the coast, is the most ancient city of Qingdao, the roof is a bright red, the walls painted a light yellow, the city is a coastal city unique clean. If you come here in summer, the street car people, seaside beach is crowded. But it’s much cleaner in winter.

old city terrain is not smooth, high and low, along the steps up and down, the old house on the road is the most beautiful scenery.

the old city road narrow, crooked, disoriented, turn a look ahead is the seaside. If it is not in the winter, these small alleys can always see the wedding couple.

Ba Da Guan is the essence of the old city of Qingdao, is also one of the most beautiful city in the downtown area of a quiet place, located in different styles of small houses.

along the sea to build a wooden plank road, this section is the most beautiful landscape of Qingdao waterfront.

these old houses, mostly built in the last century in 30s, many of the old houses are private houses, not open to the outside world, known as the Museum of architecture.

winter leaves have fallen, which is typical of the northern winter, other seasons of the Ba Da Guan, always accompanied by green trees and red flowers.

there is no hustle and bustle of visitors, calm down Ba Da Guan is the most beautiful.

Once the decline of the port warehouse, transformed into an art district

if you want to have a once prosperous port warehouse, with the port of the lonely, the warehouse gradually lost its purpose, thought it would gradually fade out of sight, quit the stage of history, but it is transformed into Art Zone, to become the focus of attention.

this is the predecessor to the port warehouse pier two Art District, located in Taiwan "nofollow" > rel= Yancheng District Dayong Road, formerly known as the port warehouse, in 2000 after the transformation, transformed into an innovative experiment, the concept of avant-garde, making art exhibition area, providing artists and a student of space creation published, regularly organize cultural activities.

barge two unique cinema, not only to attract tourists, writers and writers to stop, but also to attract the world’s most famous film special effects company stationed, so that the film has become an important city in asia. Art District periodically held different theme of the exhibition, every weekend and independent music concerts for young artists, in a huge warehouse to the concert in Kaohsiung is the most special experience, but remember to buy tickets in advance.

"split two" means second feeder terminal, formerly port warehouse, after transformed into Art District, retained the concrete wall surface iron and bare mottled, showing the original appearance of Hong kong.

Zha a look is not a bit scary ha, I feel like this door will go to hell.

use of waste has been transformed into the direction of the mark, will not feel very retro.

Art Plaza also opened a home Eslite Bookstore, the use of the warehouse has been transformed, not only is very unique, but also retains some of the original warehouse.

Eslite Bookstore in 1989 by "nofollow" > " ring founded the first home start, the spirit of humanities, art, creativity, life of the mind, for the development of composite today in the cultural and creative as the core of the business model. In the beginning, Eslite Bookstore brand to the core business scope has been gradually extended to ,

performance art space activities, and of course, cultural and creative products,
MRT station , hospitals, schools and other a special type of channel management, and extends to the mall development business and professional logistics center construction and other professional. Honesty is a collective creation of urban people;

Desperate to travel

Desperate to travel – Sohu travel

a person, 20 kilograms of luggage, for 120 days, more than 10 provinces and cities, 25000 km, a take away on the interval between the annual travel.

from winter to spring and summer, from the south to the north, across the rivers and lakes, through advocating mountains, only to find your true self.

this article, this recording, is a summary of the 120 day gap year travel.

big brother first sound

do not regret a lifetime

listened to nausea for a lifetime

September 9, 2016 in January 6, 2017, 120 days, the road of my study, my interval years.

actually, it was recorded in December 25, 2016, and it was the 108th day of my trip. Is this voice is recorded in a Beijing girl in Xinjiang know a recommendation to my activities and activities by the "new world" & "FM" Dragonfly jointly launched, for the majority of users in 2016 to allow yourself to become more powerful story.

it’s a pity that I didn’t choose my story, but I’m very grateful. It just made me a little summary of my trip.

Spring Festival is coming soon, and I set foot on a new journey, in the distance, in the bottom of my heart, I want to hear the story of you can also say to go on a trip.

below is the text version of the recording content:

Hello everyone, I am a big brother, is the big brother in the journey to the west.

at this moment, I am sitting in a CYTS Xiangxi Phoenix on the balcony of Phoenix Town, looking at the glass lights, for you is the story for me today, Phoenix a day of rain, finally can calm down the quiet recording.

what makes you stronger in 2016, I’ll tell you a little story about me.

is the hero of the story is my big brother, this is a story about quitting to travel, this is a year of the story, this trip let me find more true or more blurred yourself.

this year, I am 25 years old, a suspended in midair is not high not low age; this year, I resigned from the first job after graduation; this year, I opened a public number, write your own story; this year, I opened a dream trip this year interval; for a year, I was on the road.

The theme of the

story is: desperate to travel

today is the 108th day of my personal travel backpack, this.

The winter tour of Hulun Buir. Very cold Genhe village Aoluguya deer tribe


Hulun Buir: very cold winter tour Chinese + cold + village Aoluguya deer tribe

where is the coldest place in China?

how cold is the coldest place in China?

China’s cold pole exactly where?

"North China" in Heilongjiang, Mohe County, but have you ever heard of China’s cold pole? Located in the north of Genhe City, more than 10 kilometers, there is a primitive village, the locals called extremely cold village. Although latitude in the south of Mohe County, but because of the high latitude, the annual average temperature of -5.3 degrees, known as the "China cold pole", the historical record of the lowest temperature is -58. Every year around Christmas, Genhe will be invited from Finland to hold a certificate of Santa Claus come here personally for tourists is very cold issued certificate, certificate will be marked on the day of the lowest temperature and the names of visitors, but this proved himself the glory of victory over the cold.

we do not have such a cold winter, there is no such thick snow. A lot of friends in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and winter like to see snow in the Northeast snow township. This trip back, I recommend to friends of the cold village of Inner Mongolia, here is quite a northeast snow Township style. We have got to the village lady cook us Dongbei, do also experience ice Tomatoes on sticks, dog sledding, skiing Mara slope, slip ring, wonderful

ice sugar strawberry candy, Tomatoes on sticks, Heizao… In the minus 58 degrees cold village, Bel cool to eat!

2016.12.24 Merry Christmas! From 58 degrees below zero – China cold pole [cold pole village] greetings

dog sledding, horse drawn sleigh, reindeer pull sled…


, pogonip rime rime…

skiing, ice skating, snowball fights…

ice Tomatoes on sticks chicken mushroom stew, stew pot of various

we came to China the coldest place – away from the hubbub. Away from the haze of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hulun Buir Genhe City, extreme low temperature of -58 DEG C "China extremely cold"!

Alaska, Husky Sled Dog is really fun!

in the cold pole of the village for a long time, such as the process of the meal, we ride a sleigh, open snow motorcycle, slip the tire, simply can not stop

cold pole village

twist Yangko, snowman

Winter Tour: Hulun Buir Aoluguya reindeer (caribou)


12.24 Christmas Eve, my Christmas has snow and deer. Mention Christmas, but also can not forget the Christmas spirit;

200 years earlier than the Old Town of Lijiang, is a clean Naxi ancient town

200 years earlier than the Old Town of Lijiang, is a clean Naxi ancient town – Sohu travel

Old Town of Lijiang noisy crowded, forcing a lot of tourists to flee, looking for a more quiet, Naxi ethnic characteristics of the ancient town, calm down to play slowly. From the Old Town of Lijiang Dayan ancient town seven or eight km to the north, there is an ancient town in Shuhe.

Shuhe ancient town is an important post on the tea horse road, but also one of the earliest ancestors of the Naxi inhabited areas, 200 years earlier than the history of Old Town of Lijiang. The old town is the Naxi traditional style of the old house, built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, slate Road, home before the water.

tea horse road from the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, lasted more than a thousand years. From Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Pu’er tea, after Dali, Lijiang, arrived in Tibet, Lhasa, and then continue to Nepal, India. The caravan left a profound impact for the culture of the ancient town.

There is a village near Baoshan

, this is a mountain in the village. Compared to the Old Town of Lijiang, where a lot of quiet, winding streets and alleys are not many tourists, more suitable for the slow stroll.

the development of the ancient town of Shuhe than the late Old Town of Lijiang, many villagers house converted into an inn, a next to a house, accommodation and meals are very convenient.

Shuhe is Lijiang fur trading center, there are many skilled craftsmen making fur in this old town.

the Naxi ancestors across Jinsha River, from snowy mountains south into the Lijiang basin, is the creation of their early civilization in the wilderness. Shuhe, white sand area is the earliest ancestors of Naxi ancestors, but also the birthplace of the chieftain of wood.

Shuhe also has a square street, like Old Town of Lijiang, is a square in the center of the town, the town is surrounded by shops, which is the ancient town of commercial street.

simple wooden room, dark red paint, as well as the quiet shop, living with the elderly, everything is so natural.

after nightfall, bar street became the most noisy place.

Where to go and where to go

xixilili rain, the temperature dropped, seem to be at home. You want to go on a rainy day happily go out, see friends drink tea, wine and dine around good place for shopping are where? The following small for you to go for a rainy day in Nanning.


] Sisyphus Bookstore

the Mixc is located in the 3 floor of the bookstore, the bookstore Sisyphus contains Park "UP Coffee", "Booartlife best coffee vector creative life hall", "7& 12 children reading lectures and reading experience multiple spatial functional zoning, create a vivid three-dimensional reading environment for readers. In the luxurious avant-garde in studying found a group of people, not surprisingly, there is a bookstore Sisyphus walked in, turned the pages, is another world.

address: Nanning the Mixc

Sina micro-blog: @ Sisyphus Bookstore – Nanning


in the middle of the city, put aside the noise, disturbance. Quietly, read a book that he likes. But did not expect to read at the same time can eat some food? I did not expect to finally come to a Western meal.

address: Guangxi Concert Hall on the third floor of or new dream island West A hall on the third floor

Sina micro-blog: @ with an exclamation point

[district library]

if you feel that there are not enough books in the bookstore and coffee shop and want to concentrate on reading, it is a good choice to go to the library. Guangxi district library also provides free WiFi access to the Internet, there is a need, you can also go to the office with a computer oh.

address: No. 61 National Road

Sina blogger: @ book worm fine


[Guangxi Museum]

Guangxi museum is the largest museum in Guangxi, the collection of more than 5 pieces of cultural relics, bronze drums of 400, ranking first in the country. Books more than 5 copies. A 76 pieces of cultural relics, the most valuable of the Shang Dynasty and the Western Han Dynasty copper. Copper Shoumian Wen Feng Deng Chinese, commander of the seventh Red Army Department, the Political Department bulletin. The museum also houses Lu Xun at the opening on the eve of send his own copy of the Ming Dynasty poet and painter Xiang Shengmo "big wind map" of the poem.

address: No. 34 national Avenue, Nanning Sina

blogger: @ NJ old dishes

[Guangxi National Museum]

in the National Museum exhibition, can enjoy the king of Chinese Tonggu Tonggu Guangxi folk treasures handed down the Beiliu type; see Guangxi twelve native ethnic colorful ethnic customs, ethnic festivals, ethnic costumes and cultural construction etc. characteristics form; directly feel close to Guangxi national precious historical relics of bronze, pottery, porcelain, wood, jade, making glass, lacquer ware and other products.

address: Nanning;

Nha Trang silkworm Island, in the white beach of a meter of sunshine

Vietnam, located in the south of the Tropic of cancer, is a tropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of over 24 degrees (

). These two years of winter, I would choose to go on a holiday in Vietnam, counted less than two years, is the four time to reach this hot spot in vietnam. However, Nha Trang is the first to arrive this winter.



???? because love the sea, every time I go to Vietnam, I will choose to take the star cruises to the sea, and stay on land locked me, and comfortable, and this time I also took her baby daughter, not only age 6 years, but also the second time to Vietnam.



???? Nha Trang is strange to me, and be familiar with. Strange in the past only refers to the information seen on what Vietnam Khanh Hoa province capital city, quiet place for the most numerous coastal city in vietnam. Familiar with, is because this year around most of my friends have been to Nha Trang, they came back from the conversation, a drip to accumulate the initial impression of Nha Trang.


???? we take the Star Cruises is docked at cam Ranh Bay near the military port, and then take the bus in front of the car to Nha Trang. Compared to the past docked at the Nha Trang sea by boat to transport tourists it practices, really save more. From the pier to Nha Trang, about forty or fifty kilometers of the coastal road, in the car at cam Ranh Bay, the sea blue sky, pure blue, like entering a blue world.


???? the bus passing through the road, there is a large segment of a military area, visitors can not get off during the shooting, also after a military inspection station, Vietnamese soldiers will vehicle inspection passport, of course, is just a symbolic car swept one eye, then waved through the. Accompanied by the tour guide said that Vietnam is now in the Chinese of reform and opening up, hope that more foreign tourists to Vietnam Tourism, the check is posturing.


???? the bus into the city of Nha Trang, you will find the city of Nha Trang is small, but very clean, very few road is not wide, edifice, but the road on both sides of the cultivation of tropical plants, green evergreen. You know where I am, because of the winter, the leaves have fallen off. In Nha Trang, the winter daytime temperature of 25 degrees in a variety of plant growing strong, is very suitable;

This old door could change a villa Are they still there

in Yunnan Honghe trip, the number two at the ancient city of Shiping Jianshui, travel the most deep and full, do not say first in the Yunnan borderland such astonishing ancient Chinese wind, more surprising is to Yunnan so many times, feel more and more understanding of Yunnan is so shallow. Probably because of this, I found a novelty are highly prized joy.

Yunnan Honghe Shiping is the last leg of the trip, when noon arrived Zheng Ying Village, the village has 600 years of exquisite people as the acme of perfection. Follow the local ground without modification of the shuttle in the street alley, often because of a fall under the eaves vines and stopped, will be for a house and could not help but burst into the courtyard of others, not easy to pick it took us to the front of a house, "Chen houses" the former residence of Chen Heting in the late Qing Dynasty jinshi.

Chen Heting is Yunnan’s fame and not only is he built Yunnan’s first private railway, mainly initiated in his life in the heart of education, school education, office of the shiping schools, training a lot of outstanding talents. In addition, Chen Jinshi of official corruption, corruption and prostitution, in the war for the country to raise in the ring, jugongjincui. So after his death, the people he built ancestral hall, built the statue for later, yang.

Chen courtyard momentum let people off, start from the door will be able to feel the government is elegant, three courtyard style buildings, a large family from the nave to the house of Commons, a more than an elegant extravagance, every step forward the surprise increasingly rich, wood doors and windows hollow carved no lavish but exquisite ancient times.

around the courtyard wooden loft did not present the traces of the vicissitudes of life, like a dream of Red Mansions, the bluestone floor step really abruptly left the years trailing stop, guide visitors in perception. Just enter the central courtyard to direct sunshine, which then forget where and when each phase with thoughts only to touch the past past carved.

do not know how long, until one is gone, don’t give up on the attic, gently walk every step, slowly deep in the hundred years old, Chen Jinshi family legacy of each poem deeply into the wood such as here in. So that it does not reduce the elegance of a hundred years, with the years brewing but mellow.

two is a lady’s boudoir, floating outside the corridor with a long wooden railing?, light relies on the fence, looked up at the blue sky floating white clouds. Compared with the free floating clouds deep ancient house is so strong, so the sky can deeply aware of the lady of the outside world to infinite time.

color glazed window with a simple and beautiful wooden building, let the deep colors add a bit bright, stay here a moment like reading ancient books;

A street running girl who ran away……

Chinese in the city’s streets, always cold, no matter how bright the building was covered with gray haze, like dusty Western painting, painting the time to smile, once hung in there, forgotten like, lifeless.

in Ji’nan street, is so bleak, can always see a carrying old wooden running street girl, habitual Hoodie hooded, let a person can’t see her face.

she ran across the pavement of the leaves of the Indus, ran through the cracks in the concrete alley, ran across the corner of the old old pier, ran through the stick in the concentric circles inside the sewer manhole covers in 1984.

the old wooden box she carried was old. What’s in it? Is it the weapon of the world? Or is she a device designed to make a living?

when she was running, she was suddenly attracted. She stopped and looked at her carefully. Then she squatted down and opened the wooden box…..

?? It turned out to be a box full of colored chalk. It was a quiet place on the streets, and those who came and went in a hurry, never looked up at the sky and never looked at the corner.

she is a magical girl, she is always in the place you do not pay attention to grow a surprise.

of the three wild grass boy, two in the chat, a neglected some small temper.

stood on the chain and sang the birds

send a surprise to the sweetheart of the little mouse, but also intimate to write "NO CATS"

envy of ordinary life of dragon

alone playing with his tail green lizard

pink pig flying and flying in the sky, to visit the imprisoned friends little green demon.

a small autistic mice, opened the door to the streets of the fun to go to school a small partner.

you’re holding my head!!!!!! I’m a demon from the tiny world!

my heart at ease, sleep, I sleep in the bud.

come on, come on, I use small earthworms to tease you, I would love to hook.

I am not happy, I am not happy, you pull my hair!!! ;

Xianyang ocean with intentions will bring blessings to go home

the afternoon of January 21st, on the last weekend before the arrival of the Lunar New Year chicken, 2017 Xianyang ocean "hard to accompany and warmest wishes for the new year," held in Xianyang Ocean Spring Resort Spa world. Activities invited more than a dozen mainstream media in Shaanxi, more than a hundred guests arrived at the scene, playing the melody of the new year, send sincere blessings for the new year.

interactive game director Zhu Yufei award ocean hotspring New Year’s speech. JPG foreign dancers perform the "chicken chicken" hand in hand with the happiness of the game to fly the new year’s blessing of the paper plane to write new year blessings

activities in addition to the scene is full of exotic dance performances, surprise prizes, online and offline interactive experience forms. Focusing on the theme of "warm heart", in the activities of the content, see more happy new year blessings. 2008 opening date of Xianyang ocean, to accompany their borrowing activities held together through 8 years of users, expressed sincere thanks, and advocate people less entertainment during the New Year holiday period, the more carefully, to accompany you care about people.

Xianyang ocean hot spring resort, located in China first named by the state geothermal City — Xianyang City geothermal disc core zone. As the domestic large-scale hot spring leisure health resort center. Left the impression that more is the largest in the northwest of the indoor water paradise, Shaanxi is the most suitable for home spa resort, the treasure of the Chinese spring". In these roles, thanks to the user’s approval, Xianyang Tourism Commodities Fair "in Shaanxi Province won the most popular Award" hot spring tourism demonstration unit. In obtaining the user praise at the same time, as a hot spring in Shaanxi province industry leader, Xianyang ocean care project by actively participating in public welfare activities, practicing corporate social responsibility, user feedback trust.

is currently the northwest ocean ocean the largest indoor water park

2017 world ocean hotspring will add more suitable for family visit hot springs water products, which is worth looking forward to building a fun area renovation river rafting on the third floor of the building of children’s children, fun play room, will be the highlight of this year Haiquanwan product updates.

During the Spring Festival in

ocean also carefully prepared for everyone "ocean spring festival seven days" series of theme activities with prizes. The lion dance on New Year’s day; the second to the sixth balloon Master, bubble bath, fun, European style dancer splashing carnival parade, I was a winner and other programs will be Xianyang ocean hot spring world presented to us in the New Year gift during the spring festival.

is more and more close to the pace of the new year, Chinese new year, the memory of the ticket is the outside world, and now the ticket is the pace of home; once the parents of red envelopes, now give red envelopes to their parents; when you play with lanterns and partners, is now decades old; see time is not long, but year after year. New year’s day, a festival that originally belonged to the gathering and blessing, let us have some heart.


[] New Year Spring Festival at new haven’t you heard the most expensive seafood coconut will be preg

[] New Year Spring Festival at new haven’t you heard the most expensive seafood will be pregnant? – tourism Sohu coconut?

cheese, Friday is new year’s Eve

look forward to a year of dinner Z finally came to ~

port is true, every new year’s Eve dinner is the kind of

would you like to try some fresh? Eat a person who has not eaten

traveled around the world for you to collect such a

the world’s only new year luxury menu

(eat more than 3 travelers are in the senior tour)

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Italy olive oil




version of the cold pot string

Russian caviar

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can be used with all of the following food? France and Italy olive oil

French oyster Awards: re definition of "

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all over the world, but only in the enjoyment of the French aristocracy will oysters to eat out of more than and 30 varieties. It’s really hard to understand if this level of appreciation is not a demonstration of a senior waiter at the restaurant. When walking through the beach in Cannes, south of France, it is possible to combine the seafood with the sea water as the deepest memory of the taste buds.

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France + Italy Mediterranean warm winter 4 day trip Cannes seaside walk

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Russian caviar

is said that when Churchill visited the Soviet Union, with the mission officials will be all the money to buy caviar, only because of the identity of the prime minister insisted that Churchill did not buy, Stalin earned enough face by caviar. On Russian >